Enjoy an Elevated St. Louis Micro Market Experience

healthy vending service and micro markets in St. Louis, MOCreate a break room that stands out with our St. Louis micro market service. Employees can find their favorite refreshments while browsing a wide range of fresh foods, beverages, and sweet and savory snacks. Adding a micro market to your St. Louis break room also caters to your employees’ unique tastes and dietary needs. We can create a custom menu that aligns with your preferences.

After browsing, customers can check out at the fully automated kiosk. The self-serve checkout accepts cash, credit cards, and mobile wallets. Our St. Louis micro markets offer convenient on-site shopping for a better break room experience.

St. Louis Office Pantry Services with Ongoing Support

St. Louis, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceWe offer a complete St. Louis office pantry service with a personalized servicing schedule. You can count on us to give ongoing support to ensure your office pantry runs smoothly.

With this St. Louis break room service, we offer a customized experience. Our expert team will help you create a menu that meets your goals and budget. Include healthy options alongside popular snacks and beverages. A St. Louis office pantry can boost morale and motivate employees.

St. Louis Corporate Dining with a White-Glove Approach

snack vending machines and corporate dining service in St. Louis, MOWe care about every detail of your St. Louis corporate dining service. As a restaurant company at heart, we are passionate about providing high-class meals and menus that impress your team. With on-site corporate dining solutions in St. Louis, you can enjoy a variety of tasty lunch choices and healthy options.

We manage everything from hiring and training qualified staff to creating a tasty and varied menu. Your employees will enjoy the convenience of a hybrid cafe or full-service cafe. Include a salad bar, deli, grill, and other features that will allow you to enjoy the best corporate dining in St. Louis.

Exceed Expectations with Our Modern St. Louis Vending Machine Service

St. Louis, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesAmaze your team with modern St. Louis vending services that offer a wide range of refreshments. Offer food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending machines in your St. Louis break room. This refreshment solution provides convenient access to popular national brand products, local favorites, and healthy options. Our St. Louis vending machines accept multiple payment options. Customers can pay using a credit card or mobile wallet.

Cater to Your Team’s Preferences with Our St. Louis Office Coffee Service

vending machine solutions and office coffee in St. Louis, MOOur St. Louis office coffee service ensures everyone can make their favorite specialty coffees. Our modern office coffee service includes the best in coffee and coffee equipment. You can even opt for a coffee bar service including a barista. Transform your St. Louis break room into an attractive space where employees can sip on a latte or cappuccino. We can help create the perfect St. Louis office coffee solution for your workplace.

Empower Your Employees to Choose Healthy Options with Our St. Louis Wellness Programs

St. Louis, MO water service and healthy vending serviceProviding healthy options in your St. Louis break room empowers your employees to make healthy choices. Our customizable St. Louis wellness programs offer a range of options. Choose from our “Better Choices for a Better You” program, dietician-developed food options, and gluten-free focus. Employees will feel supported when you include a wellness program in your St. Louis workplace.

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