Coffee Breaks Reimagined: Outdoor Meetings and Summer Vibes in the Kansas City or St. Louis Office

Great Midwest Region Brewers | St. Louis Office Coffee | Kansas City Employee Retention

Coffee Breaks Reimagined: Outdoor Meetings and Summer Vibes in the Kansas City or St. Louis Office

Great Midwest Region Brewers | St. Louis Office Coffee | Kansas City Employee Retention

Office coffee can help your company take advantage of the summer season. How? For starters, it is the go-to beverage of employees in nearly every Kansas City, St. Louis, or Greater Midwest office. You can use it to inspire your staff, foster new ideas, and bring a fresh perspective.

Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions is committed to excellence, so we make it easy to transform your traditional office coffee service. Brew a local coffee to enjoy in an outdoor meeting. Or grab a specialty drink before a stroll with co-workers. There are lots of ways to reimagine your coffee break into something summer-worthy. And Apex has the modern coffee service to help you do just that.

Office Coffee That’s Local

Apex is a local coffee service provider that strives to support small shops. Take our work with Moii Coffee, a roaster founded by Firaol Ahmed, a St. Louis University student. The beans are sourced from Ethiopian farmers. They are then small batch-roasted. This keeps their unique taste and quality. It’s a great choice for bean-to-cup coffee machines that create a St. Louis cafe experience. Your team orders their drink via the screen or touchless, using their phone. Then, the brewer grinds the gourmet beans fresh and perfectly brews the specialty drink. Staff can grab it before a meeting or a short walk in the sunshine. It’s a great morale boost that inspires.

Midwest Office Coffee that’s Easy and Portable

Get your team to start taking their coffee breaks outside. Or, on a nice summer day, schedule a meeting outdoors. The fresh air helps clear heads muddled by stress, gets the creative juices flowing, and lifts workers’ moods.

But to get your team outside on breaks, the coffee that fuels them must be on-demand and portable. That could mean changing to a Kansas City single-cup coffee service. It lets users make their own drink, such as iced coffee, which is great news on a hot day.

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Break Mental Blocks and Old Views

Stepping outside changes your view from what you see to what you think. Natural light boosts vitamin D and energizes the body. Trees, bushes, and flowers offer a connection to nature. It feels relaxed and shifts the outlook in a more positive direction. With this shift comes new ideas to solve old problems and helpful, productive discussions among staff.

Outdoor Coffee Sampling in Kansas City

Try one of our coffee-sampling events if you want a reason to get your staff outside. In the summer, we can brew different coffee options to serve right to your staff. The fresh air and tasty coffee are sure to evoke some new perspectives.

Like the idea of us serving your team drinks? Make it a year-round option. Apex offers fully managed coffee bars with baristas. They operate much like our Kansas City corporate dining service. We find and train staff to work in your break room. You don’t need to manage them, supply the cafe, or deal with brewer maintenance. We will handle it all with our white-glove approach.

Summer Office Coffee Services and Beyond

What’s in your break room can impact morale and productivity. Help staff feel the summer joy by getting them outside with delicious to-go coffee options. Support local. Give staff a boost of summer sun that will have them working better than ever.

As a restaurant company, Apex knows how vital food and snacks are to staff. That’s why, besides coffee service in the Greater Midwest Region, we also have fresh-food-filled micro markets and the latest vending machines to accent your St. Louis or Kansas City break room. Contact Apex for information on how better coffee and snack options can benefit your business. We are driven to deliver the ultimate customer experience.