Stay Ahead of the Curve in Break Rooms with Our Shawnee Micro Market Service

food vending machines and micro markets in Shawnee, KSA micro market is an innovative, attractive Shawnee break room service. Customers can browse products on the open shelves and glass front coolers in your Shawnee micro market. Our micro markets offer a selection of fresh foods, tasty snacks, healthy options, and beverages. Create a custom menu that includes your team’s favorite products.

Our Shawnee micro market service is fully automated. Customers pay at a self-serve kiosk that accepts multiple payment methods. Additionally, we track product levels from afar to restock promptly.

A Shawnee Office Pantry Redefines Office Refreshments

Shawnee, KS office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceAdding an office pantry creates a new standard for office refreshments in your Shawnee break room. This popular refreshment solution offers free snacks and beverages to your hardworking team. Our Shawnee office pantry service is customizable to meet your needs and preferences.

Offer healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and popular snacks such as chips and candy. Additionally, we can also add a coffee service to your office pantry. Boost motivation and show your team you care by adding a Shawnee office pantry to your break room.

Our Shawnee Corporate Dining Service Leaves a Lasting Impression

healthy vending machines and corporate dining service in Shawnee, KSA Shawnee corporate dining service can impress your hardworking team and help attract new talent. Our on-site corporate dining solutions offer a range of menu choices designed and prepared by our in-house chefs. Shawnee employees can choose from various options, including a deli, salad bar, daily entree, and healthy options. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart. Count on enjoying the best Shawnee corporate dining experience with our dedicated teams who are passionate about quality food service.

Our Shawnee Vending Machine Service Makes a Statement

Shawnee, KS water filtration service and office coffee machinesOffer convenient access to refreshments with our Shawnee vending service. Vending machines are a classic break room feature thanks to their convenience and practicality. We go above and beyond to offer a modern Shawnee vending experience. Try fresh food such as sandwiches and salads from our food vending machines. Or, grab your favorite snack and drink from our snack vending and beverage vending machines. We can customize the product mix to include healthy choices and your team’s favorite items.

Our Shawnee vending machines accept cashless payment methods like credit cards and mobile wallets. Additionally, we provide regular maintenance and manage inventory so your break room is always fully stocked.

Showcase Superior Coffee with Our Shawnee Office Coffee Service

healthy vending service and office coffee in Shawnee, KSElevate your Shawnee office coffee by treating your employees to a café experience onsite. We tailor our Shawnee office coffee service to achieve your goals. Opt for our modern office coffee equipment or enjoy a fully managed coffee bar service including a barista.

We will also stock your Shawnee break room with gourmet coffees, teas, sugar, creamer, and other essentials. A quality office coffee service allows employees to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee that motivates and energizes them during a busy workday.

Invest in Health with Our Shawnee Wellness Programs

Shawnee, KS water service and healthy vending serviceWould you like to cultivate a supportive environment for healthy lifestyles in your Shawnee workplace? We can help create the ideal wellness program for your needs. Our customized Shawnee wellness programs offer a range of healthy choices in the break room.

With our “Better Choices for a Better You” program, you can empower employees to achieve their wellness goals. Our novel wellness programs make it easy for employees to choose carb-smart, gluten-free, and heart-healthy choices. Creating a healthy environment in your Shawnee break room helps your employees easily achieve their goals.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Shawnee area. Contact us for more details.