Offer More Choices with a Micro Market in Overland, MO

food vending machines and micro markets in Overland, MOA micro market is the ultimate Overland, MO break room solution for offering the widest refreshment choices. Employees can find fresh food such as fruit and salads, indulgent treats, salty snacks, refreshing beverages, and more in a micro market. Employees can use your Overland, MO micro market before an early meeting, during a break, or after hours. Checking out at the self-serve kiosk is simple: use the payment method of your choice. Employees don’t need to wait in line or carry cash. With our Overland, MO micro market service, you can create a custom menu that caters to your team’s preferences. You’ll never run out of refreshments, as we track inventory remotely to plan prompt restocking.

Drive up Employee Retention with an Office Pantry in Overland, MO

Overland, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceAdd an employee perk to your retention strategy with an attractive Overland, MO office pantry. Offering complimentary refreshments shows employees you value their hard work. Also, an Overland, MO office pantry service can boost productivity. Employees can grab healthy snacks from your Overland, MO break room between meetings and phone calls. We take care of every aspect of your office pantry. Our team will set up, manage, and maintain this innovative break room service.

Premium Corporate Dining Service in Overland, MO

healthy vending machines and corporate dining service in Overland, MOEmployees can stay onsite for breaks and meals with our Overland, MO corporate dining service. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart. We prioritize fresh meals made from scratch by our in-house chefs. Choose from our various Overland, MO on-site corporate dining solutions including our full and hybrid cafes. Each option includes the services you choose, such as a deli, grill, salad bar, and entree station. Employees can stay onsite for a quality meal instead of leaving the premises. Get in touch to plan your Overland, MO office dining services.

The Latest in Vending Machine Services in
Overland, MO

Overland, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesBust hunger in your workplace with our Overland, MO vending machine services. When employees are hungry, it’s hard to produce quality work. Add our snack, food, and beverage vending machines to your Overland, MO break room for easy refreshment access. Employees can pay quickly and easily using cashless payment options. We also track inventory from afar to know when you’re running low. Our teams replenish promptly so that you can always find your favorite refreshments. Boost morale and cater to your team’s preferences with our Overland, MO vending service.

Indulge Your Team with Our Office Coffee Service in Overland, MO

healthy vending service and office coffee in Overland, MOEncourage collaboration and energize your team with our Overland, MO office coffee service. Coffee goes hand in hand with productive team meetings. Serve the best in your Overland, MO break room with our full-service coffee bar. Including a barista, employees can enjoy their favorite specialty drinks made to order. Alternatively, try our bean-to-cup coffee machines or single-cup coffee service. These modern Overland, MO office coffee equipment options deliver high-quality drinks. Our dedicated team will replenish your coffee, creamer, and sweetener on a personalized schedule.

Wellness Programs in Overland, MO

Overland, MO water service and healthy vending serviceToday, many employees are on unique health journeys. Support your team’s diverse health goals with our custom Overland, MO wellness programs. We can help you create an Overland, MO break room that caters to everyone’s needs. Offer protein-charged snacks, gluten-free options, heart-healthy choices, and other better-for-you refreshments. Promoting wellness in your Overland, MO workplace can improve company culture and employee satisfaction.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Overland, MO area. Contact us for more details.