Top-Tier Olathe, KS Micro Market Services

vending service and micro markets in Olathe, KSOffer your employees a wide selection of fresh and healthy products with our Olathe, KS micro market service. Employees can freely browse all the products and choose snacks, fresh foods, and beverages. After shopping, customers can pay using cash, a credit card, or a mobile wallet at the automated point-of-service.

We can customize our micro markets to fit your Olathe, KS break room. Provide a range of healthy options alongside delicious snacks and popular treats such as candy bars and chips. We ensure that running your Olathe, KS micro market is effortless. Modern technology allows us to track inventory from afar and restock products automatically.

Our Olathe, KS Office Pantry Redefines Office Hospitality

Olathe, KS office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceReimagine your Olathe, KS break room and turn it into an employee benefit. An Olathe, KS office pantry service is an affordable amenity that provides your team with free snacks and drinks.

We’ll work with you to plan an Olathe, KS office pantry that meets your needs. We’ll create a custom menu with a mix of healthy refreshments. In addition to motivating your team, an office pantry can help attract new talent.

Maximize Employee Satisfaction with an Olathe, KS Corporate Dining Service

beverage vending machines and corporate dining service in Olathe, KSCreate an elite cuisine experience onsite with our Olathe, KS corporate dining service. We offer a variety of high-quality menu choices, including healthy options. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart, meaning we are passionate about providing the best corporate dining solutions.

We offer a full range of Olathe, KS office dining services. Opt for a full-service cafe or a hybrid cafe. We can include the elements you prefer, from a salad bar to a grill, deli, or even a coffee bar. Our Olathe, KS employee dining service adds an attractive amenity to your workplace.

An Olathe, KS Vending Machine Service Energizes Your Employees

Olathe, KS water filtration service and office coffee machinesBoost productivity in your office with our Olathe, KS vending service. When employees need energy, they can grab a tasty snack or refreshing beverage from our Olathe, KS vending machines. Our fresh food vending machines provide an abundance of fresh items. Our snack vending and beverage vending machines offer tasty snacks, including favorite national brands.

Our advanced equipment accepts multiple payment options, making purchases convenient. Additionally, we keep our Olathe, KS vending machines fully stocked so that your team can always access their preferred refreshments.

Show Appreciation for Your Team with Our Olathe, KS Office Coffee Service

food vending machines and office coffee in Olathe, KSImprove your Olathe, KS break room by adding various fresh coffee options. In many offices, coffee and tea are essentials that motivate employees throughout the workday. Show your team that you value their hard work with a fully managed coffee bar service. Our Olathe, KS office coffee bar service includes a barista. Alternatively, choose from our modern office coffee machines including a single-cup brewer or a bean-top-cup coffee machine. Our Olathe, KS office coffee service also includes coffee essentials such as creamer, sweetener, stir sticks, cups, and more.

Create a Healthier Environment with Our Olathe, KS Wellness Programs

Olathe, KS water service and healthy vending serviceSet your employees up for success by bringing our Olathe, KS wellness programs to your break room. We can offer a completely customized Olathe, KS wellness plan that aligns with your goals. Offer employees healthy meals and office snacks that help them achieve their best health. Our Olathe, KS wellness programs help you empower employees by offering carb-smart options, heart-healthy choices, gluten-free items, and more.

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