Modernize Your Break Room with a Micro Market in Maplewood, MO

beverage vending machines and micro markets in Maplewood, MOAdding a Maplewood, MO micro market to your break room is a popular employee perk. This modern and innovative service offers hundreds of products. Your employees can find fresh foods, tasty snacks, healthy options, and refreshing beverages. Open 24/7, customers can pay for items at the self-serve kiosk using cashless payment options. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive Maplewood, MO micro market service. Our teams manage inventory and maintenance so your micro market is always fully stocked.

An Office Pantry in Maplewood, MO is an
Affordable Perk

Maplewood, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceIndulge your hardworking team with free refreshments in your Maplewood, MO break room. Our Maplewood, MO office pantry service shows appreciation for your employees. Employees can enter the break room and grab healthy snacks, sweet treats, chips, fresh fruit, refreshing beverages, and more. Our team can create a unique menu that meets your employees’ dietary needs and preferences. Also, we will tailor your Maplewood, MO office pantry to match your budget and space. This employee perk can boost morale and also attract new talent to your workplace.

Unrivaled Corporate Dining Services in
Maplewood, MO

food vending machines and corporate dining service in Maplewood, MOBring the best in Maplewood, MO corporate dining services to your break room. Instead of rushing offsite during breaks, employees can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in your Maplewood, MO break room. Build your on-site corporate dining solution to match your preferences. Offer employees entree stations, grills, salad bars, a coffee bar, and more. Our in-house chefs prepare fresh food and meals, so your employees can enjoy quality onsite food. Thanks to our customized approach, our Maplewood, MO office dining services are unrivaled.

Our Vending Machine Service in Maplewood, MO Deliver Quality Refreshments

Maplewood, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesProvide easy access to fresh foods, snacks, and beverages with our Maplewood, MO vending machine service. Our vending service features modern, attractive vending machines. Customers can make cashless payments. We also use wireless technology to track inventory and promptly restock our Maplewood, MO vending machines. Bring Maplewood, MO fresh food vending to your office to offer more healthy options such as salads and sandwiches. We can tailor our product menu to help your workplace achieve wellness goals.

Indulge Your Coffee Enthusiasts with Our Office Coffee Service in Maplewood, MO

healthy vending machines and office coffee in Maplewood, MOServe your coffee enthusiasts the best gourmet coffees and teas with our Maplewood, MO office coffee service. Employees can ask your dedicated barista to make their favorite specialty drink. We offer a complete coffee bar service or the latest office coffee equipment. Try our Maplewood, MO single-cup coffee brewers, bean-to-cup coffee machines, and traditional coffee service. We customize our Maplewood, MO break room services including our office coffee service. We will stock your favorite brands of coffee and essentials such as creamers, sweeteners, stir sticks, and more.

Empower Employees with Wellness Programs in Maplewood, MO

Maplewood, MO water service and healthy vending servicePromote wellness in your break room with our Maplewood, MO wellness programs. We offer a diverse range of options to meet your team’s needs. Our Maplewood, MO wellness programs can include heart-healthy choices, carb-smart items, gluten-friendly products, and more. Our programs ensure your employees can find healthy options onsite. Including a wellness program can show your team you support their health goals.

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