Cater to Your Team with a Customized Kansas City Micro Market

vending service and micro markets in Kansas CityA micro market allows your hardworking employees to find their favorite refreshments in your Kansas City break room. We fill our Kansas City micro markets with hundreds of products, including fresh foods, snacks, and beverages. As with our Kansas City break room services, we can tailor your micro market to meet your unique needs.

Offer healthy options with our “Better Choices for a Better You” program. We can also add popular local products and your favorite national brand snacks. Customers can pay for items at the self-serve kiosk using cashless payment methods. You won’t have to lift a finger to run your micro market. We use remote monitoring technology to track product levels so that we can keep your break room fully stocked.

A Kansas City Office Pantry Supports a
Positive Workplace

Kansas City office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceUplift your employees and show them you care with a Kansas City office pantry. An office pantry offers complimentary refreshments to your Kansas City employees. This employee benefit can boost morale and help attract new talent to your office. We customize your Kansas City office pantry to meet your unique needs and amaze your team. Offer healthy options alongside favorite tasty treats and refreshing beverages.

Enjoy High-Quality Cuisine with our Kansas City Corporate Dining

beverage vending machines and corporate dining service in Kansas CityDine on restaurant-quality meals every day with our Kansas City corporate dining service. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart. That means we hold our on-site corporate dining solutions to the highest standard.

Our customizable corporate dining service can include various options, including a salad bar, grill, fixed restaurant, coffee café, and more. Your Kansas City employees will enjoy the convenience of on-site dining that exceeds expectations. Add this impressive amenity to your Kansas City workplace and enjoy chef-prepared meals daily.

Kansas City Vending Machines Offers an Abundance of Refreshments

Kansas City water filtration service and office coffee machinesEntice employees to stay onsite for breaks with our Kansas City vending service. Our food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending machines feature high-quality products. Employees don’t even have to carry cash.

Our modern Kansas City vending machines accept mobile payments and credit cards. Additionally, we will work with you to customize your product mix to include healthy options, favorite brands, and more. Modern vending machines are an excellent addition to your Kansas City break room.

Impress Your Team with Our Kansas City Office Coffee Service

food vending machines and office coffee in Kansas CityIndulge your Kansas City employees in tasty specialty coffees and gourmet tea. Our Kansas City office coffee service features unique local coffee brands and popular national brands. Choose what you like best or offer a variety of coffee selections.

Additionally, we offer a variety of office coffee equipment options. Choose our traditional office coffee service, single-cup coffee service, or our bean-to-cup coffee machine. We also offer a fully managed coffee bar service so your employees can enjoy a barista-prepared coffee in your Kansas City break room.

Kansas City Wellness Programs Help Employees Achieve Wellness Goals

Kansas City water service and healthy vending serviceEncourage positive lifestyle choices with our Kansas City wellness programs. Creating a corporate wellness program requires a lot of work. Let us help you create a unique wellness program that aligns with your Kansas City workplace goals.

Our dieticians have created meals and snacks that help people achieve various wellness objectives. Choose from CARBsmart meals to vegan-friendly options, gluten-free products, and heart-healthy choices. Your Kansas City employees will love being able to find choices that help them achieve their goals onsite.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Kansas City area. Contact us for more details.