A Dedicated Micro Market in Fenton, MO

healthy vending service and micro markets in Fenton, MOOffer your employees hundreds of fresh food, snacks, and beverages with a new and innovative Fenton, MO micro market. Your team can save time during breaks by shopping in your onsite micro market. Like a convenience store, our Fenton, MO micro market service features glass front coolers and open shelves. Employees can find healthy options, tasty treats, and nutritious meals. Payment is easy at the self-serve kiosk that’s always open. Customers can pay using multiple payment options including credit cards and mobile wallets. Our team will ensure your Fenton, MO break room is always fully stocked and ready to use.

An Office Pantry in Fenton, MO that Meets
Your Needs

Fenton, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceTake your break room to the next level with a Fenton, MO office pantry. Offering your employees complimentary refreshments can boost morale and motivation. We customize our Fenton, MO office pantry service to meet your needs. Our experts will work with you to create a menu tailored to your team’s dietary needs and preferences. Serve healthy options, sweet treats, salty snacks, and a range of refreshing beverages. We can also work within your budget and space. An office pantry can foster collaboration in your Fenton, MO break room. Employees can enjoy snacks while brainstorming and problem-solving.

Enjoy a World-Class Corporate Dining Service in Fenton, MO

snack vending machines and corporate dining service in Fenton, MOTreat your team to a world-class Fenton, MO corporate dining service. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart, meaning we invest in trained in-house chefs who prepare quality meals from scratch. We are passionate about creating fresh, tasty dishes that exceed expectations. Employees can save time and money with our Fenton, MO on-site corporate dining solutions. Additionally, a Fenton, MO office dining service can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Our Vending Machine Service in Fenton, MO with Custom Selections

Fenton, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesOur Fenton, MO vending machine service offers your team their favorite refreshments. Our custom vending services feature curated menus that include your preferred snacks, fresh foods, and beverages. Our Fenton, MO vending machines are modern and attractive. Using advanced equipment, we track inventory levels remotely to restock products promptly. Additionally, customers can pay for products using cash, credit card, or mobile payment options. With snack vending, fresh food vending, and beverage vending in your Fenton, MO break room, employees enjoy easy access to quality snacks.

Brew the Perfect Specialty Drink with Our Office Coffee Service in Fenton, MO

vending machine solutions and office coffee in Fenton, MOIndulge in quality coffee to start your day with our Fenton, MO office coffee service. Stand out by providing a full-service coffee bar including a dedicated barista. Employees can order specialty drinks made to their tastes. Additionally, we offer modern Fenton, MO office coffee equipment such as single-cup coffee machines and bean-to-cup service. These office coffee brewers serve lattes, espressos, and other specialty drinks. We also ensure your Fenton, MO break room has all the essentials such as creamer, sweetener, stir sticks, and more.

Create the Ideal Wellness Program in Fenton, MO

Fenton, MO water service and healthy vending serviceEveryone’s health needs are unique. Our Fenton, MO wellness programs support everyone’s different needs. We can create and tailor the ideal program for your workplace to meet your needs. Offer your team a variety of Fenton, MO break room refreshments, such as heart-healthy choices, low-sugar items, and gluten-friendly products. When you support your team, you show your employees you care about their well-being. Our Fenton, MO healthy break room options make it easy to support your team.

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