Elevate Your St. Louis Corporate Dining Experience with Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions

Great Midwest Region Office Dining | St. Louis Corporate Dining | Kansas City Healthy Dining

Elevate Your St. Louis Corporate Dining Experience with Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions

Great Midwest Region Office Dining | St. Louis Corporate Dining | Kansas City Healthy Dining

Companies are turning to a good corporate dining experience more than ever. A well-designed dining space can boost employee morale, helping staff work well as a team. The result is better productivity. Plus, staff enjoy fresh food dining, which makes it a great way to keep top staff from leaving the company.

No one knows the good an on-site office restaurant can do better than Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions. We are a leading provider of corporate dining services in St. Louis and Kansas City, MO, as well as the Greater Midwest Region. We help build office dining experiences that staff love. From custom menus to micro markets, we do it all. Check out how we can turn your break space into a retention and profit-boosting tool.

Corporate Dining Services with Custom Menus

Driven by our passion for food, Apex offers made-from-scratch dishes. This lets you pick and choose which foods to offer in your Kansas City corporate dining services. Everything is delicious and made with premium ingredients. Plus we put a focus on sustainability to ensure continued services in the future.

Work with Apex on a St. Louis full-service cafe. The rich variety and menu choices will delight staff, strengthening your employee-centric culture. We make it simple to tailor the menu to your business needs. You can access an entree station, grill, deli, salad bar, or even a coffee bar that takes hot drinks beyond gourmet office coffee.

Existing Apex customers can also get restaurant-quality corporate catering. Use the service for work events, corporate parties, and board meetings.

Healthy Choices in Kansas City & St. Louis

Looking for healthy office dining options? Look no further than Apex. With our focus on wellness and top ingredients, it’s simple to aid the well-being of your staff. Use our in-house chef-created healthy program – The Better Choices for a Better You. This helps employees meet their health and wellness goals with certain food categories. It’s easy to use, and it tastes good!

Great Midwest Region Business Dining | St. Louis Onsite Dining | Kansas City Corporate Dining

Hybrid Cafes and Micro Markets: Strong Corporate Dining Services

Employees can have hot food and daily specials from Apex with a St. Louis hybrid cafe. The hybrid cafe is open when needed, fully staffed at the grill, and with an on-site chef manager.

It works perfectly with unattended Kansas City micro market service. This includes glass-fronted coolers for drinks and pre-prepared food that is grab-and-go. There’s even a self-checkout kiosk which allows for fast, easy payment. The self-checkout can also be open beyond cafe hours, letting staff get snacks and drinks whenever they need them, even at night or on weekends.

Apex is Excellence in Corporate Dining Services

Partnering with Apex gives you a white-glove approach to dining services. We hire and train staff to manage all of your dining needs and deliver excellent service. This includes creating a custom menu in a full-service cafe or helping you support healthy choices. Enjoy our elite services with a hybrid cafe or micro market as well.

When you want St. Louis or Kansas City, MO corporate dining, you want Apex. We give you the attention and excellence to turn this service into an employee retention tool that drives productivity. Contact us today at (816) 241-8600 for dining, vending machines, or any of the break room services we bring to the Greater Midwest Region.