Transform Your Break Room with a Columbia Micro Market

vending service and micro markets in Columbia, MOImprove break time in your Columbia workplace with our micro market service. A micro market offers a wide range of refreshments. This Columbia break room solution features glass front coolers and open shelves filled with fresh foods, tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages. We adapt our Columbia micro market service to meet your needs. We’ll accommodate the diverse needs of your Columbia employees by including healthy foods, popular national brands, and local products in your micro market. After perusing the shelves, customers can pay at the self-serve kiosk using their preferred payment method.

Provide an Exclusive Perk with Our Columbia
Office Pantry

Columbia, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceIndulge your team with complimentary refreshments by adding an office pantry to your Columbia break room. Our Columbia office pantry service is a customized break room service with a unique menu that fits your needs. Serve healthy foods and snacks alongside craving-busting snacks. In addition, you can add a coffee bar to your office pantry so that your Columbia employees can enjoy specialty coffees whenever you’d like.

Strengthen Your Office Culture with Our Columbia Corporate Dining

beverage vending machines and corporate dining service in Columbia, MOEnjoy meals made by professional chefs every day with our Columbia corporate dining service. A restaurant company at heart, we provide modern, customized meals that your team will love. Our unrivaled Columbia office dining service can include a full-service cafe featuring grills, salad bars, restaurants, a coffee bar, and more. We will tailor the services to fit within your space and match your needs. Your Columbia employees will appreciate the convenience of a corporate dining service. Another benefit is that employees can find tasty, healthy options onsite.

Exceptional Columbia Vending Machines that Offer a Modern Experience

Columbia, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesBring on-site refreshments to your Columbia break room with our vending service. Your Columbia employees can easily pick up tasty snacks, fresh foods, and beverages from our Columbia vending machines. We will work with you to include your preferred products, healthy options, and more in the vending machines. That way, your team can always find their favorite refreshments onsite. Our vending machines accept multiple payment options so that customers don’t have to carry cash.

Craft Specialty Drinks with Our Columbia Office Coffee Service

food vending machines and office coffee in Columbia, MOMake your favorite cup of coffee every day with our Columbia office coffee service. We can create a coffee bar within your Columbia break room including a barista. Or, choose from our modern office coffee equipment. Our bean-to-cup brewer offers the freshest cup of coffee, while our single-cup machine can make personalized drinks. You can also opt for a traditional office coffee brewer that brews coffee by the pot. An excellent coffee service can improve your Columbia workplace culture by encouraging socialization and collaboration.

Enjoy Smarter Choices in the Break Room with Our Columbia Wellness Programs

Columbia, MO water service and healthy vending serviceWellness is a priority for many Columbia employees. Provide a variety of smarter options in your Columbia break room with our wellness programs. Cater to your staff’s various dietary needs with freshly made meals such as CARBsmart options, gluten-free choices, heart-healthy choices, protein-powered items, and more. At APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions, we tailor our Columbia wellness programs to meet your needs.

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