Discover the Benefits of a Tailor-Made Caseyville Micro Market

vending machines and micro markets in Caseyville, ILTake your break room to a new level with our Caseyville micro market service. A micro market offers various beverages, healthy snacks, tasty treats, and fresh foods. With so many options on-site, your Caseyville employees can save time during their lunch break. We can customize your micro market design and menu to match your goals.

Help employees achieve their wellness goals with our “Better Choices for a Better You” program. Our micro markets are also completely automated. After shopping, customers can check out at the self-serve kiosk using touchless payment options. Enhance your Caseyville break room with an attractive, innovative micro market.

A Caseyville Office Pantry Service with a White-Glove Approach

Caseyville, IL office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceCreate an impressive amenity in your workplace with our Caseyville office pantry service. We use a white-glove approach, including a dedicated attendant who ensures your office pantry is always ready to use. With an office pantry, you offer your hardworking Caseyville employees complimentary refreshments.

Customize your Caseyville office pantry with us. Include an office coffee bar, healthy snacks, tasty treats, and refreshing drinks. Adding an office pantry to your break room can boost productivity, morale, and motivation. Get in touch to start planning your break room transformation.

Enjoy Modern, Customized Menus with Our Caseyville Corporate Dining Service

vending service and corporate dining service in Caseyville, ILImagine a full-service café in your Caseyville break room, giving you access to daily entrees, a salad bar, and more. Our Caseyville corporate dining service provides a restaurant-like experience for your employees every day.

An employee dining service can improve corporate culture and motivation in your workplace. We offer a customized corporate dining service tailored to your unique needs. Enjoy an exceptional experience designed and managed by our experienced chefs and corporate dining staff. Contact our team to start planning your Caseyville office dining service.

Exceed Expectations with Caseyville
Vending Machines

Caseyville, IL water filtration service and office coffee machinesSay goodbye to outdated vending machines and hello to modern equipment and technology. Our Caseyville vending service includes all your favorite products, fueling your team throughout the workday. We offer a full range of options, including food vending machines, snack vending machines, and beverage vending machines.

Support employee wellness by also including our Caseyville healthy vending machines. Our team monitors vending inventory remotely to ensure your break room is always fully stocked. Customers can pay with modern payment options like credit cards and mobile wallets. Upgrade your Caseyville break room with our innovative, customizable vending machines.

Energize Your Team with Our Caseyville Office Coffee Service

beverage vending machines and office coffee in Caseyville, ILSatisfy the coffee connoisseurs in your Caseyville workplace with our office coffee service. We use the latest Caseyville office coffee equipment, such as bean-to-cup coffee machines and single-cup coffee brewers.

Additionally, we offer a fully managed coffee bar service so your Caseyville employees can enjoy specialty drinks prepared by a barista. Sip on local or national brands that match your team’s tastes. Design the perfect office coffee bar for your needs with the help of our experienced team of experts.

Deliver a Rich Selection of Healthy Refreshments with Our Caseyville Wellness Programs

Caseyville, IL water service and healthy vending serviceWellness goals are at the forefront for many Caseyville employees. Make it easier for employees to make positive lifestyle choices with our Caseyville wellness programs. We offer a variety of solutions, including our “Better Choices for a Better You” program which clearly labels healthy options in your Caseyville break room.

Meet your employees’ needs with our heart-healthy choices, CARBsmart meals, gluten-free options, and more. We will tailor our wellness programs to meet your needs and provide the ideal workplace refreshment services.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Caseyville area. Contact us for more details.