Discover Our Innovative Micro Market in Brentwood, MO

beverage vending machines and micro markets in Brentwood, MOEnjoy the convenience of vending machines with the selection of a convenience store with a Brentwood, MO micro market. We cater our Brentwood, MO micro market service to include your team’s preferred refreshments. Employees can easily find nutritious meals, healthy snacks, tasty treats, and refreshing beverages in your Brentwood, MO break room. Our self-serve kiosk makes checkout effortless, as we accept cashless payment options. We take care of everything from design and setup to inventory management to provide the best micro market experience.

Top Notch Office Pantry Services in Brentwood, MO

Brentwood, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceInvest in your team by adding a Brentwood, MO office pantry service to your break room. Your employees will love grabbing free snacks and drinks in your Brentwood, MO break room. Offer fresh fruit, granola bars, bagels, chips, candy, and beverages. We can tailor our menu to your team’s dietary needs and preferences. Our Brentwood, MO office pantry service simplifies break room management. We handle everything from design to bulk food dispensers and restocking. Show your hardworking team you care with an office pantry.

Well-Designed Corporate Dining Services in Brentwood, MO

food vending machines and corporate dining service in Brentwood, MODiscover the benefits of a Brentwood, MO corporate dining solution. We offer various options ranging from full-service to hybrid cafes. With our full-service cafe, employees can choose from various snack and meal options at the salad bar, grill, entree station, or coffee bar. Alternatively, include fewer elements alongside a micro market. No matter your choice, employees will love the convenience of full, fresh-made meals in your Brentwood, MO break room. A restaurant company at heart, APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is passionate about providing quality Brentwood, MO office dining services.

Boost Morale with Our Vending Machine Service in Brentwood, MO

Brentwood, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesWhen employees are hungry, nothing beats the convenience of our Brentwood, MO vending machines. Always available, our Brentwood, MO vending service accepts cashless payments, including mobile wallets and credit cards. Employees can enjoy a variety of refreshments, including healthy options, fresh food, snacks, and beverages. Additionally, we accept requests as part of our Brentwood, MO vending service. Simply let us know your product preferences, and we can stock them so that your team can enjoy their favorite snacks.

Keep Your Staff Happy with Our Office Coffee Service in Brentwood, MO

healthy vending machines and office coffee in Brentwood, MOCoffee is essential for many employees. Give your team a boost by updating your Brentwood, MO office coffee service. Offering gourmet specialty drinks can improve morale and help your employees feel appreciated. We can create a full-service office coffee bar including a dedicated barista. Employees can enjoy a perfect latte at any time during the workday. Or, install our modern Brentwood, MO office coffee equipment and create a self-serve coffee bar. Choose from our bean-to-cup coffee machines and single-cup service. We ensure an excellent office coffee experience by stocking your Brentwood, MO break room with all the extras such as creamer, sweetener, napkins, stir sticks, and more.

Offer Dietician-Developed Products with Wellness Programs in Brentwood, MO

Brentwood, MO water service and healthy vending serviceOffer your team refreshments developed to help them achieve their health goals with our Brentwood, MO wellness programs. We can provide a range of healthy options including carb-smart items, gluten-friendly options, and heart-healthy choices. Show your employees you care about their wellness goals by providing healthy options in your Brentwood, MO break room. We understand that no Brentwood, MO wellness program is a one-size-fits-all. Our expert team will create a unique program that meets your needs.

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