3 Benefits of Updating Your Company’s St. Louis Vending Solutions

Great Midwest Region Vending Solutions | St. Louis Beverages & Snacks | Kansas City Healthy Options

3 Benefits of Updating Your Company’s St. Louis Vending Solutions

Great Midwest Region Vending Solutions | St. Louis Beverages & Snacks | Kansas City Healthy Options

Do your St. Louis vending solutions need an upgrade? If so, now’s the perfect time to do so. Studies have found that 48% of employees skip lunch weekly. Hunger can lead to an unhappy and unproductive team. Modern vending machines provide the solution! Employees will enjoy more beverage and snack vending options. They can also buy healthy vending options 24/7, keeping them full and fueled.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons to upgrade your office vending services.

1. More Vending Variety

No two employees are the same, and thus, they all have different preferences. Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions can help add more options to your vending machines. How? We’re a restaurant company at heart, but we offer far more than corporate dining services. We also have many delicious options for your snack vending machines.

Offer wellness program-approved snacks or organic treats. For instance, we have fruit cups, yogurt, and nuts. This makes it easy for busy employees to eat healthy. Plus, they’ll love the many options! It also supports workplace wellness programs.

2. Here’s to Your Health

Employees who eat better perform better. Skipping meals can impact productivity. It can also reduce morale. That’s because being hungry makes you more annoyed. Apex’s Greater Midwest Region vending solutions put an end to this! Employees can buy healthy snacks and drinks 24/7. We also have fresh food vending options. Your team can save time without skipping meals. Just head to the vending machine for a nutritious lunch! They’ll stay fueled and focused.

Want another option? Consider a St. Louis micro-market. Employees can shop for fresh foods in this on-site mini-store. They can also use cards or mobile wallets at the self-checkout kiosk. Our micro-markets are open all day long, so employees can still buy food after hours.

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3. Our Vending Solutions Use Smart Technology

Today’s employees are tech-savvy, so your St. Louis vending services should be, too. Luckily, Apex uses the latest vending technology. For example, we can track your inventory remotely, so we’ll know when you’re running low. This helps us keep your snack and beverage vending machines fully stocked. Fewer unnecessary trips also reduce emissions. Our vending management services protect the planet!

Additionally, users can make fast, secure payments using their smartphone or mobile wallet. This boosts employee satisfaction and deepens trust.

Want to improve morale even more? Get a St. Louis office pantry! Employees can help themselves to free food anytime they’d like.

Our St. Louis Vending Solutions Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

As you can see, employees will love our Greater Midwest Region office vending solutions. We have tons of choices. Plus, employees can eat healthy and save time!

Want to learn more? Contact Apex today. Ask us about our fresh food vending, micro-market, office pantry, and office coffee services. We’re excited to hear from you!