Enjoy the Finest Selection of Refreshments with Our Overland Park Micro Market Service

beverage vending machines and micro markets in Overland Park, KSReward your team with an attractive Overland Park micro market. Adding a micro-market to your Overland Park break room makes life easier for your team. Employees can find an excellent selection of fresh foods, tasty snacks, and beverages without leaving the building.

Our customizable Overland Park micro market service can include a menu aligned to your needs. It can include healthy options, tasty treats, satisfying meals, and popular snacks. Would you like to take your break room further? We also offer subsidized micro market services so employees can enjoy items at a discounted cost or even for free.

An Overland Park Office Pantry Impresses Employees

Overland Park, KS office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceUpgrade your employee benefits with a cost-effective Overland Park office pantry. When hungry or thirsty, employees can find complimentary refreshments in your Overland Park break room.

We maintain your office pantry so employees will always find it fully stocked and ready to use. Our tailored services allow you to create a menu that caters to your employees’ dietary needs and preferences. Motivate your Overland Park employees with an attractive office pantry.

Elevate Office Morale with Overland Park Corporate Dining

food vending machines and corporate dining service in Overland Park, KSUpgrade your office amenities with an employee-centric feature everyone will love. Our Overland Park corporate dining services improve break time for employees. Enjoy a variety of menu choices made fresh daily. Employees can make a salad at the salad bar or enjoy the daily entree created by our in-house chefs. We customize our Overland Park office dining services to match your needs. Opt for a smaller hybrid cafe or a full-service cafe with a deli, salad bar, grill, and more. APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart, meaning we are passionate about creating the best Overland Park corporate dining service with the best meals for your team.

An Overland Park Vending Machine Service Tailored to Your Needs

Overland Park, KS water filtration service and office coffee machinesOverland Park vending machines can help promote productivity in your workplace. Sleek and elegant, our vending machines go above and beyond traditional vending of the past. With our Overland Park vending service, you can request your preferred refreshments. We offer a range of vending options, including fresh food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending. Additionally, include healthy options to promote wellness in your Overland Park workplace. Customers can make cashless payments for a more convenient experience. We also maintain the vending machines and manage inventory, ensuring reliable service.

Upgrade Your Workplace Amenities with Our Overland Park Office Coffee Service

healthy vending machines and office coffee in Overland Park, KSIndulge your employees in an excellent Overland Park office coffee experience. Coffee is an office essential for many employees. With our office coffee service, you can offer your team gourmet coffees and teas, specialty drinks, and their favorite barista-prepared treats.

We tailor our Overland Park office service to your needs. Enjoy the latest office coffee equipment, such as our single-cup coffee machines and bean-to-cup brewers. Or, enjoy a fully managed coffee bar service complete with a dedicated barista. We’ll make it easy to offer an impressive coffee experience in your Overland Park break room.

Drive Employee Engagement with Our Overland Park Wellness Programs

Overland Park, KS water service and healthy vending serviceInspire a healthier workforce by creating a custom Overland Park wellness program. Our experts can help you create a program that aligns with your goals and needs. Our wellness programs make offering better-for-you choices in your Overland Park break room easy. Employees can easily access heart-healthy choices, keto-friendly foods, and gluten-free options. Supporting employee health is effortless with our Overland Park corporate wellness programs.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Overland Park area. Contact us for more details.