Our Leawood Micro Market Service Delivers Excellence

healthy vending service and micro markets in Leawood, KSA Leawood micro market offers unparalleled convenience and satisfaction. Our Leawood micro market service brings a selection of fresh foods, snacks, and beverages to your break room. During breaks, employees can enter your micro market and find satisfying meals, nutritious snacks, and energizing drinks that power them through their workday.

Our micro markets are also fully automated. Customers can pay using cashless payment methods like credit cards and mobile wallets. Additionally, we manage our Leawood break room services so that your micro market is always fully stocked.

Foster Productivity with Our Leawood Office Pantry

Leawood, KS office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceSet a new standard for excellence in workplace refreshments with our Leawood office pantry. Providing your team with complimentary refreshments can boost morale. We tailor our Leawood office pantry service to your needs and create a menu that meets your unique needs. Offer your hardworking team healthy snacks alongside their favorite treats. We ensure your Leawood break room is always fully stocked. An office pantry is an excellent way to show your employees you appreciate their hard work.

Experience the Pinnacle of Leawood Corporate Dining

snack vending machines and corporate dining service in Leawood, KSInvest in your team with our Leawood corporate dining service. Instead of rushing out to buy lunch or a snack, employees can dine in! APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions is a restaurant company at heart, meaning we pride ourselves in creating delicious, fresh-made meals.

Our on-site corporate dining solutions can feature a full-service cafe, including a deli, grill, salad bar, and more. Or, opt for a hybrid cafe with a combination micro market and grill where employees can enjoy an entree. Our Leawood on-site corporate dining solution can encourage collaboration. When chatting over food, employees can build positive workplace relationships. Bring corporate dining to your Leawood break room.

Our Leawood Vending Machine Service Offers Unparalleled Convenience

Leawood, KS water filtration service and office coffee machinesOur Leawood vending machines combine functionality with high-quality refreshments. Go above and beyond traditional vending with our innovative and modern vending service. We offer snack vending, fresh food vending, and beverage vending that fits seamlessly into your Leawood break room. You can even request your favorite items and we will stock them for you.

Customers can pay for items using multiple forms of payment, including credit cards and mobile wallets. Our Leawood vending service offers convenient access to quality food onsite.

Fuel Teamwork with Our Leawood Office Coffee Service

vending machine solutions and office coffee in Leawood, KSCoffee is an office staple. Upgrade this essential with our Leawood office coffee service. Choose from our various options, including a fully managed coffee bar service featuring a dedicated barista. Alternatively, try our modern office coffee machines. Our bean-to-cup coffee machines grind whole-bean coffee on demand, serving the freshest coffee. Our single-cup coffee machine makes specialty drinks like cappuccinos. Additionally, we’ll stock your Leawood break room with a selection of teas, creamers, sweeteners, and other essentials. Exceed expectations with our high-end Leawood office coffee bars.

Leawood Wellness Programs Help Employees Live Their Best Lives

Leawood, KS water service and healthy vending serviceFostering a culture of well-being in your Leawood break room helps support employees’ achievement of their health goals. Discover our custom wellness programs that bring better-for-you choices to the break room. Our expert teams can help you design a menu with dietician-developed foods that meet various wellness needs. Offer gluten-free options, heart-healthy choices, protein-powered snacks and meals, and more. Get in touch to create a unique Leawood wellness program. With this innovative Leawood refreshment service, you can encourage positive lifestyle changes.

Learn more about Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions services in the Leawood area. Contact us for more details.