Embrace the Future with a Micro Market in Kirkwood, MO

healthy vending service and micro markets in Kirkwood, MOEnvision a new Kirkwood, MO break room with glass front coolers and open shelves. Our Kirkwood, MO micro markets bring fresh innovations to your workplace. Employees can shop in this open retail space 24/7 for snacks, meals, and refreshing beverages. After shopping, customers pay using modern payment options at the self-serve kiosk. We tailor the product menu to include your favorite snacks, foods, and beverages. Our team tracks everything so that we can replenish supplies promptly. Upgrade your break room with our excellent Kirkwood, MO micro market service.

Enjoy a Fully Managed Office Pantry in
Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood, MO office coffee solutions and office pantry serviceAttract new talent and impress your team with a fully managed Kirkwood, MO office pantry. When employees are hungry during the workday, they can find grab-and-go snacks, beverages, and tasty treats in your Kirkwood, MO break room. Our office pantry service makes it easy to offer complimentary refreshments. You set the budget and menu, and we will take care of the rest. This perk can improve morale in your Kirkwood, MO workplace.

Elite Corporate Dining Service in Kirkwood, MO

snack vending machines and corporate dining service in Kirkwood, MOCustomize your Kirkwood, MO corporate dining experience with APEX Restaurant & Market Solutions. We are passionate about serving the highest quality meals to your team. Employees can enjoy an entree made from scratch by our in-house chefs daily! Create the ideal Kirkwood, MO corporate dining solution for your needs. Include services like a deli, salad bar, grill, and entree station. Plus, you can offer healthy options to help you achieve your wellness goals. Add this major perk to your Kirkwood, MO break room and offer your team an elite experience.

Cutting Edge Vending Machine Services in Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood, MO water filtration service and office coffee machinesSay goodbye to hunger with our Kirkwood, MO vending service. Conveniently place our Kirkwood, MO vending machines in your break room and lobby so your team can access quality refreshments. Our vending machines are also modern, versatile, and attractive. Employees can use our cutting-edge vending technology to make cashless payments. Additionally, our team will track inventory remotely so we know when you’re running low. We also manage to restock so that your team can always find their favorite refreshments in your Kirkwood, MO break room.

Power Your Workplace with Our Office Coffee Service in Kirkwood, MO

vending machine solutions and office coffee in Kirkwood, MOFresh steaming coffee provides essential fuel in Kirkwood, MO offices. Provide your team with the best Kirkwood, MO office coffee service. Our services include various options, such as our full-service coffee bar and modern office coffee equipment. Our full-service coffee bar includes a dedicated barista who can make your team’s favorite drinks. Rivaling barista-made drinks, our bean-to-cup coffee machine and single-cup coffee machine also serve specialty drinks. Additionally, we’ll stock your Kirkwood, MO break room with coffee essentials, including sweeteners, creamers, stir sticks, and more.

Wellness Programs in Kirkwood, MO Tailored to Your Needs

Kirkwood, MO water service and healthy vending serviceAlign your Kirkwood, MO refreshment services with your team’s unique health needs. Our Kirkwood, MO wellness programs support employees in making healthy choices. Empowering employees to make healthy options, our “Better Choices for a Better You” inspires positive choices. We offer a range of products designed to improve health and wellness. Add gluten-free products, heart-healthy items, and vegan choices to meet your team’s needs. Inspire your Kirkwood, MO team with a unique, custom wellness program.

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